Request a Web Hosting Account

If your department or unit is interested in Web hosting, please submit a ServiceNow ticket at and provide the following information:

  1. The phrase “Request for Web Hosting Services” in the subject line
  2. Your name and email address
  3. Requesting unit
  4. Desired URL
    • If you will be moving an existing site to the hosting service, please let us know what your existing URL is.
      We will create a temporary URL to use until you are ready to make the site live.
      The existing URL will then transfer over.
    • If you are requesting a new URL, please follow the URL request instructions below.

You will receive an email reply containing your basic account information. In addition, OIT will send a Service Level Agreement (SLA) (see Costs and Contracts) to the account owner so that payment and accounting information can be submitted.

Domain names with in the URL

  • Web hosting accounts must use a unique domain name.
  • If already goes to an existing web server, we cannot change that without permission from the owner of that domain.
  • Likewise, we cannot just create
    since that is within the domain
  • Instead, a new 3rd or 4th level domain name is needed.
    For instance,
    can be used, as long as it’s not in use anywhere else.
  • A redirect can be set up so that anybody who uses
    automatically finds themselves at

URL request

Requests for third-level ( and short URLs must be approved by the Chief Information Officer and the Chief Communications Officer (or their designees), who will evaluate them for conformity to the university’s strategic marketing and communication plan.  Before proceeding with any website that will operate with such a URL, please submit a formal request via the NC State URL Request form.

All URL requests require the following information:

  • Requested URL(s)
  • Requesting department
  • College or unit that this department reports to
  • Audience type (internal or external)
  • Audience scope
  • Justification for request

URL requests are considered on a first-come-first-served basis. Due to the importance of third-level domains, submitters should plan on an extended review cycle.

Requests for non-third-level domain accounts to be created in the Web hosting environment will receive basic account information within two business days.

Those wishing to host a website with a domain should follow the instructions at:
Obtaining and Hosting a Non-NCSU Domain