This page defines the acronyms and terms used throughout the Information Security Program at NC State site.


Acronym Full Phrase
EPS Endpoint Protection Standard
S&C OIT Security and Compliance at NC State


access (accessing data).  View, retrieve, alter, or create data.

controls (security controls).   EPS security requirements

endpoint.  An endpoint is a user computer or smart device used to access university data whether owned by the university or otherwise. The term can refer to desktop computers, servers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, thin clients, printers or other specialized hardware such as Point of Sale terminals and smart meters.

resource.  Implies NC State IT resources that may contain university data; for example, systems or storage devices and university or non-university endpoints.  See Section 1 of REG 08.00.02 – Computer Use Regulation for the full definition of university IT resources.  

store (storing data).  Retrievable retention of data; entering data into or retaining data from electronic, electrostatic, or electrical hardware or other elements (media).