Cybersecurity Leadership

The Information Security Program at NC State assigns officer responsibilities in accordance with the UNC System Office Information Security Policy (1400.2) and associated 3D memo from the Chancellor:

  • Senior officer responsible for information security campuswide:  Vice Chancellor for Information Technology (IT) and Chief Information Officer (CIO); see top of flowchart shown in Figure 1.
  • Officer responsible for managing the university’s information security program Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) / Director of Office of Information Technology (OIT) Security & Compliance (S&C) supports the CIO with information security campuswide; see the next level down from CIO in the flowchart.

Figure 1.  Flowchart of Cybersecurity Leadership and Responsibilities at NC State

Security & Compliance

S&C administers a comprehensive information security program that preserves the security, confidentiality, accessibility, and integrity of information resources and assets supporting the university’s core mission.  Per NC State Computer Use Regulation (REG 08.00.02), the university’s users of IT resources must take appropriate security precautions to protect and secure information residing in assigned university accounts and other IT resources.  OIT S&C provides guidance in the protection of said information as well as compliance with federal, state, and industry standards and regulations. For additional information about OIT S&C, visit the S&C website.

S&C Contacts

Mardecia Bell

Chief Information Security Officer  

Damon Armour

Director, Information Security Risk & Assurance (ISRA)

Andrew Kotynski

Director, Cybersecurity Operations (CyberSecOps)

Bill Coker

Manager, Vendor Risk & License Management (VRLM)

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