Accidental Damage Coverage

Accidental damage warranty for a new PC

  • Most PC vendors offer an optional warranty for accidental damage or accidental damage handling; e.g, drops and spills.
  • An accidental damage warranty typically includes the same coverage offered by the vendor’s extended warranty.

Accidental damage warranty for a new Apple computer

  • Apple DOES NOT offer an optional accidental damage warranty.
  • You will need to purchase such a warranty for your new Apple computer from a third party.
  • The NC State Bookstore sells such a warranty for Apple, provided through Consumer Priority Service (CPS).
  • You DO NOT need to purchase an AppleCare Plan if you purchase an accidental damage warranty from CPS or most other third-party sellers.
  • Even if you purchase your computer elsewhere, you may buy a CPS accidental damage warranty for it at the NC State Bookstore.  Provided that you bring both your computer and its proof of purchase to the NC State Bookstore.

Warranties facilitated by the OIT Walk-in Center

The Walk-in Center can facilitate only these two types of warranties:

  • those for supported vendors
  • those purchased through the NC State Bookstore.

Warranties not purchased at the NC State Bookstore

If you purchase a third-party accidental damage warranty elsewhere, be aware that you might have to mail your computer to the warranty provider for service. You might be without it for an extended period of time.

Loaner computer

The Walk-in Center provides loaner computers only to students and only while it is facilitating vendor repairs for the computers or warranties those students purchased at the NC State Bookstore.