Computer Repairs


Repairs on campus

  • Many hardware and software problems on students’ personally-owned laptops and desktops can be diagnosed and repaired right here on campus.
  • See OIT Walk-in Center for details.

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Computers under warranty

  • If your computer is under warranty, first contact the OIT Walk-in Center or visit the manufacturer’s support website.
  • If you’re not sure what to search for on the website, contact their technical support department via email, chat or telephone.  Ask if they provide on-site repairs.

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Computers not under warranty

  • Even if your warranty has expired, check the vendor’s support website.
  • Many have databases and free user support forums that are useful in resolving problems
  • The OIT Walk-in Center can still assist with diagnosing problems if the machine isn’t under warranty.

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Preventive maintenance

Many non-hardware repairs can be prevented and performance can be improved with regular maintenance and care.

  • Antivirus
  • Software updates
    • Keep all your software up-to-date.
    • For Windows, turn on Automatic Updates.
    • For Mac OS X, make sure that Software Update notifications are enabled and that the built-in firewall is turned on.
    • Always install updates as soon as they are available.
    • Some programs, such as Mozilla Firefox, use pop-up messages to notify you about updates.
  • Maintain security
  • Remove unused software
    • Review your installed software occasionally.
    • Consider uninstalling any that you no longer use.
    • If programs have components that run even when you’re not using them, uninstalling them often improves your computer’s performance.
  • Back up files on a regular schedule
  • Consider disk imaging
    • If you have advanced backup needs, consider a disk imaging product (e.g., Acronis, Time Machine).
    • Use it on a scheduled basis or whenever you change your hardware or software configuration.
    • If you’re willing to learn how to use one, a backup and disk image utility can save time and effort if you have to restore your computer system or files.

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