Interview with Dr. Marc Hoit

Jason Austin, of Design, Education and Outreach, recently interviewed Dr. Marc Hoit, vice chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at NC State University. Jason solicited questions from the NC State Web Developers Ning group, and posted Dr. Hoit’s responses in five separate postings in the Ning group.

Check out what Dr. Hoit had to say about questions such as these:

  • We’ve elected a new president and he is evaluated on his first 100 days in office. I’m curious as to how you think your first 100 days have gone.
  • Regarding funding, what is your cost recovery approach?
  • Because IT at NC State has traditionally been decentralized, we have a lot of groups in a lot of places doing the same kind of work. What do you think about this structure, and do you want to change it?
  • How do you see the future of OIT being shaped by social networking, or do you?
  • How important is it for campus to be a proponent of open standards and protocols?
  • What’s on your MP3 player?

All five postings are in the Campus Spotlight section of the Ning, and they’re labeled Parts 1-5. There is also some lively discussion taking place in some of the parts. Add your own thoughts!