Academic Novell Windows environment decommissioning planned for Dec. 31

If you are a user of the Academic Novell Windows Environment, your account will no longer work, effective Dec. 31, 2010. This change does not affect users of the Administrative Desktop Environment supported by OIT Client Services. In order to reduce costs, OIT is migrating away from Novell-based services and adopting Microsoft Active Directory services in the WolfTech domain to deliver its Academic Desktop Environment.

To see if you are affected by this change, first look in your “Novell-delivered Applications” window, which may already be opened or minimized on your desktop. If it isn’t opened, you can launch it by clicking on the “Application Window” icon on your desktop. If the window is not already open and you don’t have an icon for it, then you are not affected by this change. In the file navigation pane on the left, if you have a “Unity Applications” folder in the list, then this notice applies to you, and you should contact your IT support person to ensure your migration to the WolfTech domain is planned. If you don’t have an IT support person, contact the NC State Help Desk at 515-HELP (4357) or The¬†technical details and timeline associated with the Academic Novell Windows Environment Decommissioning project are available on SysNews.