OIT releases new antivirus protection

OIT releases new antivirus protection software

The Office of Information Technology recently released Trend Micro OfficeScan Version 10.6 to campus. Trend Micro is the university’s antivirus provider and is available at no cost to students, faculty and staff. Antivirus protection is required for all computers connected to the campus network. The Web download of the OfficeScan update is available now via the NC State Antivirus Resources website.

OfficeScan offers several enhancements including faster detection of viruses and malware and incident response as well as enhanced reporting, which permits better analysis, tracking and communication of security incidents. It also offers both faster start-up time and full system scans.

The deployment of the new release to campus users’ computers will be a weeklong process. Users will be prompted to restart their computers in order for the installation to take effect. It is not critical that the restart occurs immediately. For more information about antivirus protection, visit the NC State Antivirus Resources website.