New Wolfpack Reporting System 2.0 is now available

The Wolfpack Reporting System (WRS) Project Team announces the availability of WRS 2.0 and on-demand video training opportunities. Available via the MyPack Portal, WRS is a one-stop shop for all frequently used financial reports. Since its release on April 11, more than 1,000 campus employees have run the reports over 22,000 times.

The new WRS 2.0 features improved performance and functionality, including:

  • The team combined the best features of the reports, reducing the number of reports from 17 to nine.
  • Reports were redesigned to display relevant information for the funding source.
  • Additional reports are available that allows customers to view information by a range of chartfields such as department ID, account and funding source.
  • A new column has been created to display the vendor’s name on journal transactions when appropriate. This information was previously included in the journal line description only.
  • Journal drill-down capabilities have been greatly enhanced to allow customers to drill into the source transaction directly. For example, you can now click on the journal ID to access the journal in the Financial System. Similar drilldowns exist for vouchers, MarketPlace orders, PCard drilldowns, Fleet Card, project modification requests (PMR’s), bill invoices, and inter-departmental transfers (IDT’s).
  • Campus users can now download their reports to Excel much quicker.

In collaboration with various campus groups, the project team explores the feasibility of WRS enhancements and reports and addresses performance issues related to running reports and using drill downs.

For additional information about WRS 2.0 and on-demand video training opportunities, see the Financial Systems Training Web page.