Secure electronic data removal

University data that resides on devices and electronic media meant for disposition could lead to exposure of sensitive data and potential breaches. To ensure this data is safeguarded, it is vital to follow proper procedures to remove it from devices and media that will be disposed of or sent to Surplus Property Services.

Specific electronic media disposal instructions are available for campus users and for OIT staff. They include steps on how to use hard disk drive erasing tools to wipe data from electronic devices, such as laptops, iPads, cell phones, tablets, printers, scanners, and projectors, prior to disposal.  

Additionally, for any items that will not be disposed of but can be reused or sold to the public, the OIT Data Removal Guidance contains links to guidelines, hard disk drive erasing tools, and instructions on how to surplus devices. See the OIT News article on how to surplus electronic devices safely for more details.

By following simple, but important, steps to ensure media and devices are wiped of university data when no longer needed, you can do your part to protect university systems and keep sensitive information more secure.