What’s in your Google Drive?

Team Drive and NC State-branded Google templates are now available in your NC State G Suite account.

Team Drive
Team Drive goes beyond the capability of “My Drive” to allow “teams” or groups of individuals to share online spaces that are accessible from any mobile device. With Team Drive, you can:

  • centralize ownership of your team’s files. These files are owned by the domain and not the individual.
  • eliminate the need to transfer ownership if someone leaves the group.
  • prevent others from accidentally deleting important files.

OIT will create a Team Drive on a request-only basis and recommends that only data classified as Yellow and below be stored in Team Drive at this time. To learn more about Team Drive and how to submit a request, see the Team Drive Request Form.

NC State-branded Google Templates

If you want your Google documents to feature the NC State brand, get the new Google templates for Docs, Slides and Forms. To locate templates from your campus G Suite account:

  1. Log in to Google Drive.
  2. Create NEW Docs, Slides or Forms.
  3. Choose From a Template.
  4. Select your template and get started!

Users can also visit Docs, Slides or Forms landing pages to view university templates.

To learn more about these enhancements and other new Google features, check out the latest edition of What’s New In G Suite. For training tips, follow the NC State Google Services Team on Google+.