Apply for course captioning grants

As NC State faculty integrate multimedia into their courses more and more, it is imperative that this content is captioned.

Course captioning ensures students who need it for a disability-related accommodation are able to access course content. Captioning also offers other benefits, including improved accessibility for non-native English speakers, improved reading comprehension, literacy skills, and search capabilities.  

The IT Accessibility Office recommends that faculty proactively caption all class multimedia as part of their efforts to create an inclusive learning environment.

To assist faculty members, the IT Accessibility Office sponsors the NC State Captioning Grant that funds captioning in official university classes that:

  • have a student with a disability that requires captioning as an accommodation; and
  • the instructor wants to proactively caption multimedia.

Faculty can apply for the captioning grant anytime during the academic year by completing and submitting the Captioning Grant Application Form.

For more information, contact Crystal Tenan, NC State IT Accessibility Coordinator, at or 919.513.4087.