OIT lowers virtual machine hosting rates

In search of virtual machine (VM) hosting for your department? Due to reduced costs in new hardware, OIT is able to offer lower VM hosting rates, making it more affordable to host desktop and application services.

OIT’s VM hosting features include:

  • Self-service backups
  • Managed data centers
  • VM host resiliency, with dual network paths for hosting, fiber channel paths for block storage, and 10G+ vmotion network migration between VM hosts in most locations
  • On-call 24/7 staff support and monitoring
  • Console access to VMs

OIT VM service also allows for the addition of virtual central processing units (vCPUs) and memory as needed without server downtime.

VM sizes and storage tiers range from small desktop-hosting and lightweight VM hosting services for $144 per year to more advanced tiers for applications and services.

Price varies based on requested resource and storage requirements, with custom sizes and configurations to best suit your hosting needs. For more information, visit OIT Virtual Machine Hosting.