Gmail contacts hovercard to offer more user data

With a population of more than 40,000 students and employees, it’s not uncommon to find people on NC State’s campus who share the same names and similar email addresses, which can lead to misdirected emails and even missed appointments.

To address this situation, the Google Service Team is beginning the process of adding more detailed and accurate user data to Google’s Global Address List, including:

  • phone number
  • work location
  • title
  • unit or organization
  • email address

It will take several days for this data to appear in the NC State G Suite domain. This personally identifiable data will be displayed on the contacts hovercard, so when you mouse over a contact’s name in Gmail, you’ll find the right person.

You can update your personal data on the contacts hovercard by visiting the Campus Directory and selecting the appropriate link under “Related Tools” to apply changes. All current privacy flags will continue to be honored and information will be displayed only if appropriate.

Contacts hovercards for Google Groups

Later this month, Google will roll out hovercards for contacts in a Google Group. Click image to enlarge.

A hovercard in Gmail that shows the group members and email address.











When you mouse over the name of a group in Gmail, you will be able to:

  • View group members and their contact information.
  • Schedule an event with the group.
  • Email the group.
  • Select “More info” to take you to the Groups membership details page on The group members will only appear on the hovercard if the user has permission to view them. This functionality will be added to other G Suite apps in the future.

For additional information on other G Suite announcements, check out the latest edition of What’s New In G Suite or follow the NC State Google Services Team on Google+.