Communications – Campus Data Network

NetworkingComTech’s Network group is responsible for the configuration and maintenance of the campus network equipment. This includes the backbone routers, switches, wireless access points, voice over IP, firewalls, and Internet gateways. The group also provides host registration, dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) and RADIUS services.

Network Operations Center

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed to support the campus from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The NOC can be reached at 919.513.9675 or For help with general computing issues, contact the NC State Help Desk.

 Network Status

The Network Status bar that appears on some of the ComTech Network Operations (NOC) pages is a live interactive monitor of the current status of the campus data network backbone,

The monitor can signal three different values:

  • OK – There are no general network problems. However, there may be problems internal to a building that are not reflected. Internet sluggishness is out of university control, although we strive to keep you informed of possible Internet outages.
  • Device Problem(s) – A building connection has dropped. Most often this is due to a hardware failure in the building or a power outage.
  • Critical Problem(s) – A campus network router cannot be reached. (Don’t be alarmed if this is displayed. If a router gets too busy, it may not respond to the monitor’s ‘ping’ request. Staff will investigate.)
  • Network Status Tool – Nucleus

 Network Connection

  • Network Registration – Information about registering a computer on the NC State University Network and how to obtain an Internet Domain Name.

 Network Information

Report a Network Problem

  • NC State faculty and staff

Contact your LAN Administrators to report local network problems, a security breach, or to connect a computer to the campus network. If you do not know who your local LAN Administrator is, search below by selecting your building/department. To update your information or be added to this list, complete and submit the LAN (Local Area Network) Administrator List form.

LAN (Local Area Network) Administrator List
LAN Administrator

Via Phone:

  • Network Operations Center @ 513-9675 Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • IT Operations @ 515-5500 After normal business hours, weekends, and holidays.

Via Email:

Additional LAN Admin Resources – Network support information for LAN Administrators.

Note: Students living in University Housing residence halls or on Greek Court should contact ResNet. If you live in University Towers, a privately-owned residence hall, ResNet is not available. Please contact University Towers directly – 919.327.3800 or the Contact Us form located here.