LAN Administrator Resources and Tools

Local Area Network (LAN) Administrator List

  • ComTech utilizes the following list to keep local IT support personnel up-to-date on projects and outages scheduled for campus buildings:
  • This information is kept up-to-date by the individuals who support the campus resources. Visit the link below to update your information or be added to this list:

Administrator Tools

  • Infoblox (authorization required)
    IP Address Management System used to register hosts on the network and manage DNS.
  • Building List
    Building name, abbreviation, number, and address.
  • Firewall Request Tool
    Used to request firewall rule changes.
  • iTRACS/Public PLA Ground (records)
    Resource for NC State faculty and staff on the campus physical network infrastructure.
  • Jack Exception Management System
    Used to specify ports that are not disabled if idle.
  • LAN Administrator List
    Current list of LAN Administrators on campus.
  • MyIP
    Displays the IP address of your device.
  • Nomad Registration Tool
    Allows users to register devices on the Nomad wireless network and bypass manual sign in.
  • Recently Disabled Ports
    Displays ports on the network that have been disabled.
  • Switch Admin Tool (restricted access)
    Used to request VLAN, description and other changes on managed switches.
  • VPN Group Lookup
    Displays your current VPN group membership.
  • Unused IP Lookup Tool
    Useful to determine unused IPs within a specified range.
  • ComTech Toolbox (restricted access)
    Public tools and ComTech network staff tools.

LAN Admin Presentations

NAG (Network Administrators Group) List

  • One of the best campus resources for technical support staff
  • Has a broad audience
  • Central discussion group for IT staff
  • Many posts of general interest

You can subscribe to the NAG list.

  • List name: nag
  • List address:
  • Type: Discussion