Identity Management

Identity management (IdM) at NC State is a broad area that deals with identifying individuals and their relationships to the university. For example, an individual may have multiple relationships with the university as a faculty member, a parking permit holder and an alumnus.

IdM systems refer to such relationships as attributes, and an individual is known to the university by the total collection of his or her attributes. An example of fictional Professor Sam Seuss’ collection of attributes is given below.

Ultimately, the attributes of an individual govern what services, systems or features that individual can access. For example:

  • An individual with a faculty member attribute would get access to the “For Faculty and Staff” section of MyPack Portal.
  • An individual with a parking permit holder attribute would be authorized to park on campus.
  • An individual with an alumnus attribute would be eligible to join the NC State Alumni Association.

Thus, identity management is an information technology solution for university business process challenges, benefiting all colleges and units at NC State.

Identity management benefits to the university

IdM at NC State will:

  • Improve security and privacy by sharing about an individual only what is necessary and only when it is necessary
  • Provide “one version of the truth” from various sources
    • A single, authoritative access point for identity data
    • Simplified administration by eliminating the maintenance of distinct identities for separate resources
  • Streamline deployment of new university processes, because the identity will already be in place
  • Allow efficient sharing of resources within and beyond the university
Sample of a fictional professor's potential identity attributes
Sample of a fictional professor’s potential identity attributes

Identity Management Team members and operational pages

Every college and unit in the university has a stake in identity management. It cannot be developed without a collaborative effort to identify what attributes of identity are important in all business processes used at NC State and to ensure that everyone is using a common definition of those identity attributes.

Four OIT staff members have formed an Identity Management Team to facilitate this collaboration across the university. For team member information, visit the Identity Management Team operational page.

Current efforts

  • Replacing the aging infrastructure that will be used to support identity management – By February 2015
  • Engaging with campus – Ongoing
    • Level-setting on identity management concepts and terminology
    • Identifying business processes being used and identity attributes associated with those processes
    • Gathering information on pain points and areas of improvement that identity management might help solve
    • Working with OIT units and IT Governance to review and prioritize efforts
  • Oracle Identity Management Application Suite Phase I – By February 2015
    • Four major areas confirmed: account provisioning and de-provisioning, password management, initial work on guest system, and small-scale grouping
    • Potential new features based on attributes and business processes identified
  • Oracle Identity Management Application Suite Phase II

For more information about these efforts at NC State, contact any member of the Identity Management Team.