OIT Storage Resource Summary

Recommended Use Service or Solution Description Protocols & Access Contact More Information
Productivity and Office Documents
Department and University file and document sharing Department Shares A “file share” or “project share” to support members of the department or university groups read and write access to enable file sharing and collaboration within defined teams, groups or departments.  This is provided to users of the OIT Managed Desktop or by contracted support. Server Message Block (SMB) Managed Desktop Support (oit_desktop_support@help.ncsu.edu) Managed Desktop File Storage Service
Individual file storage NCSU Drive Provides a user home directory for Windows users (students, faculty, staff; anyone with a valid UnityID) Service Message Block (SMB) Managed Desktop Support (oit_desktop_support@help.ncsu.edu) Your NCSU Drive Space
Individual, department, or team cloud based file storage. Google Drive Google provides unlimited individual or Team Drive online storage that can be accessed by multiple computing and mobile devices for individual or collaborative work. Secure Hyper Text Transport Protocol (HTTPS) Help Desk (help.ncsu.edu) NCSU G Suite
Individual, department, academic, and/or lab file service. AFS A distributed or global filesystem that is a general purpose file service with various purposes across multiple  platforms (Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Apple MacOS) for NCSU students/faculty/staff. Client agent software Help Desk (help.ncsu.edu) AFS Space at NC State
Academic, Research, and High Performance Computing
Grant, Contract Academic, or Research Storage Research OIT Research Storage is available to any NC State researcher with an active grant or contract.  The storage is designed to facilitate research and is accessible from authorized systems. Network File System (NFSv4)

Service Message Block (SMBv3)

OIT Research (oit_research_storage@help.ncsu.edu) Research Storage
High Performance Computing HPC Storage for running jobs Storage accessible only from OIT HPC cluster (henry2) – available from all nodes – supports running jobs and data being actively analyzed Network File System (NFS)or General Parallel File System (GPFS) OIT HPC (oit_hpc@help.ncsu.edu) OIT HPC Copy Files
High Performance Computing HPC Mass Storage Long term storage of HPC data that is not actively being used. Accessible only from HPC login nodes Network File System (NFS) OIT HPC (oit_hpc@help.ncsu.edu) OIT HPC Copy Files
General Storage and Backup
Network accessible file and application storage of varying sizes Network Attached Storage (NAS) NAS services are replacements for standalone file services for either Windows and/or Linux/Unix client systems that can scale. Network File System (NFS)

Server Message Block (SMB)

Platform Compute Services (oit_platform@help.ncsu.edu) OIT General Storage Services
Server based application or database storage. Block Storage Block storage service is designed for departments/units that need to maintain an existing server infrastructure and/or have performance requirements.


Virtual Server


Platform Compute Services (oit_platform@help.ncsu.edu) OIT General Storage Services
Data Protection for OIT managed storage Backup Backup service is provided for OIT Block and NAS storage offerings.  Backups sets are replicated or sent to tape depending upon the platform and storage requirements.  Backups are held for 28 days as per NC State data retention policy. Network File System (NFS)

Server Message Block (SMB)

Backup Application

Backup Client Software

Platform Compute Services (oit_platform@help.ncsu.edu) OIT General Storage Services