Training Labs

Lab Locations

Avent Ferry Technology Center

Find on campus map.

  • OIT Training Lab (Room 108)
  • OIT Training Lab (Room 110)

D.H. Hill Library

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Logging In

  • Required for all lab machines.
  • Unity ID login
    • Gives you write access to lab’s file share
  • If you do not have a Unity ID, use a Brickyard login.

Saving Files

Saving to a Unity account (recommended)

For later retrieval, you must save your files directly to one of these:

  • K Drive
  • B Drive
  • Other network locations
  • Removable media (e.g., USB Drive)

Saving to a lab machine (not recommended)

  • Saved files and setting changes are lost when machine is reinstalled.
  • You can retrieve a machine-saved file ONLY IF you
    • Log back in to the same machine.
    • Retrieve it before reinstallation.