Training Labs

Lab Locations

Avent Ferry Technology Center

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  • OIT Training Lab (Room 108)
  • OIT Training Lab (Room 110)

DH Hill Library

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Logging In

  • Login is required for all lab machines.
  • The instructor and attendees can use their Unity accounts to access the lab machines.
  • Beforehand, the instructor may log in the lab machines using the lab’s generic account (one per lab).
  • A generic account does not have a Home directory.
  • Logging in to the generic account gives you read-only access to files in the training labs file share.
  • If you need write access, log in with your Unity account.
  • Information about a generic account is posted at the teaching station in each lab.

Saving Files

Saving to a Unity account (recommended)

  • If you will need your files later, be sure to save them to either of these locations:
    • the lab machine’s My Documents folder, which puts them into your Unity Home folder
    • a removable medium; e.g., USB drive

Saving to a generic account

  • Files are saved to a temporary profile only.
  • All saved files and setting changes will go away when you log out.
  • To retrieve a file later, you must save it to a network drive or a removable medium; e.g., USB drive.

Saving to a lab machine

  • Any file you save to a lab machine (e.g., its desktop, downloads folder) and any settings you change will be kept until the machine is re-installed.
  • Before re-installation, you can retrieve them if you log back in to the same machine.