System Access Request (SAR) Overview

System Access Request (SAR) is a web application that automates the approval process for granting and revoking employee access to HR data, Student Information System (SIS) data, Financial data, and Document Management data — as well as other data systems at NC State.


SAR Prerequisites
How to Complete the ISA Form
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SAR Prerequisites

Access to the SAR web application is not available to all employees.  Each unit has a management-designated SAR user who must meet the following requirements before being granted access to SAR:

  • Complete and submit the Information Security Acknowledgement (ISA) Form
  • Complete the SAR online training modules

After the prospective SAR user has met the requirements, the user’s manager can submit a request for the employee to be granted access to SAR.

ISA Form

Before requesting SAR access for an employee, your employee must sign and submit an electronic Information Security Acknowledgement (ISA) form, which is available from the MyPack Portal.

NOTE:  Temporary employees or contractors without access to the MyPack Portal can print the ISA form and submit a signed copy to their management.

ISA Form Warnings

If you request SAR access for an employee who has not completed the ISA form, SAR will display warnings during the SAR request process, which appear in the following contexts:

  • In the first tab:  If you see the ISA warning shown in red text, do not submit the SAR request, because it will end up in pending status indefinitely.  If you fail to notice this warning and proceed with the request, SAR will warn you again after you submit the request.
  • After you submit the SAR request:  Even if all approvals are granted, the SAR request will not be granted and will end up in pending status indefinitely, whereupon your only recourse will be to send an email to including the name of the prospective user and SAR request number. Later, when indicated to do so, you would enter a new SAR request for the prospective user after the prospective user has signed and submitted the ISA form.

How to Complete the ISA Form

  1. Log in to the MyPack Portal.
  2. From Employee Self-Service, select the Personal Details tile.
  3. Select ISA Form from bottom-left of screen.
  4. Complete and submit the form.
  5. Notify your manager when you receive an email confirmation that your ISA form submission has been acknowledged.

How to Access Online Training Modules

Prospective SAR users must register for SAR online training via REPORTER and then wait for instructions. 

After SAR Training

When the prospective SAR user completes the SAR online training, the prospective SAR user’s manager must submit the following SAR Access Request form.

Step 1: Manager Submits SAR Access Request Form

To be used by managers requesting SAR Requester or Approver access for employees.
  • *Required Field
  • Manager's Name * Required
  • (
  • What type of SAR access does the prospective user need?
  • Separate multiple OUCs with a comma.
  • Separate multiple OUCs with a comma.

Step 2:  IAM Confirms Online Training Completion

After the SAR Access Request Form is submitted, the Identity & Access Management (IAM) team will confirm online training completion and then contact the current SAR Approvers within your OUC (by opening a ServiceNow ticket).  


  • If you request access outside your home OUC, those Approvers are contacted for approval.
  • If you request access for all OUCs, the designated Data Stewards are contacted for approval.

Step 3:  SAR Approvers and IAM Grant Access to SAR

After the current SAR Approvers indicate their approval, the IAM team will grant SAR access to the prospective user.

Step 4:  IAM Updates ServiceNow Ticket

After SAR access is granted, the ServiceNow ticket will be updated and the new user will be added to the ticket watchlist so everyone is informed of status updates.

How to Access SAR

After an employee is granted access to SAR as described earlier, do the following to access the SAR web application:

  1. Log in to the MyPack Portal.
  2. Select the Navigator icon from the top-right. Navigator Icon
  3. Select Identity Management.
  4. Select Security Access / SAR.
  5. Select SAR.

SAR Notices

Check SAR Notices for technical issues and scheduled downtime.

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