System Access Request

The SAR (System Access Request) system automates the approval process that was previously handled by ASAP for granting and revoking user access to applications, principally HR, FIN and SIS. This system allows access to be granted immediately after the last approver authorizes the request. Please be aware that requests will no longer be reviewed by Security prior to access being granted or revoked, so be sure to check requests for accuracy before submitting or approving, and attend one of the SAR training classes (see below).

An Information Security Acknowledgement (ISA) form must be signed and submitted prior to submitting a SAR.  This electronic form is located on the MyPack Portal under the “For Faculty & Staff” tab.  The SAR system can be accessed under Campus Resources – Security Access / SAR (see below).

NOTE:  Temporary workers or contractors who do not have access to the MyPack Portal can print the ISA form (referenced in REG 08.00.03 – Data Management Procedures) and submit a signed copy to their management.

Steps to access the ISA form:

1) Login to the MyPack Portal.

2) Click on the “Main Menu” pull-down option below the MyPack Portal banner at the top of the page.

3) In the Employee Self-Service section, click on the first option on the top, which is “Personal Details”.

4) In the “Personal Details” page, the ISA form is available by clicking on the last option in the navigation bar on the left side of the page.


SAR TRAINING for campus Requestors and Approvers is usually scheduled once every two months based on need and interest. Please visit the REPORTER website to view available classes and to sign up for a training slot that best fits your schedule.

SAR Training Manual [.pdf] (07-Feb-2011)

Scheduled Downtime, Notices, Info etc…

Check Notices for technical issues and scheduled downtime information.


Compliance (or ISA) Form –To be completed online-

Portal > Employee Self-Service > Personal Information > ISA Form.

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