Video Production Services

SONY DSCWolfBytes offers a range of affordable video filming, production and editing services for the NC State campus community. Staff include members professionally certified in Apple Final Cut and Apple Motion.

Live Broadcast

  • WolfBytes Television
  • Live stream to Web
  • Vimeo and YouTube

Recorded Broadcast

  • iTunes U channel creation and placement
  • File delivery in multiple formats
  • On demand through Vimeo and YouTube


  • For client productions

Editing and Post Production

  • Non-linear editing services for in-house productions
  • Editing and post-production services
  • Software Used:
    Apple Final Cut (certified Pro), Motion (certified Pro), iMovie, Soundtrack
    Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Audition
    Davinci Resolve


  • Conversion to DVD, .mpeg, Quicktime, MP4 and other formats
  • Preparing video for podcast

Web Hosting/iTunesU

  • Commercial-free, non-branded Web hosting for your videos
  • Saves space and costs associated with online hosting
  • $3/semester/video
  • Conversion to podcast
  • Posting podcast to NC State iTunesU


NC State’s Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Regulation requires that publicly available multimedia be captioned.

  • for a WolfBytes-created project:
    • $60 per hour plus $1 per minute of the finished work
    • Example: A 15-minute video that takes one hour to create would cost $75.
  • for a non-WolfBytes-created project: See service cost (below).

Service Cost

  • $60 per hour/person
  • Two-hour minimum
  • Possible additional charges for video location, staff needed, or work beyond normal business hours

Media and Student Services reserves the right to decline any project.

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