WolfCopy Departmental PaperCut

OIT manages a separate instance of PaperCut for printing to the departmental WolfCopy Konica Minolta copiers.  The information below only applies to the WolfCopy copiers that are in this PaperCut instance.  These copiers will have an embedded PaperCut app installed and require a Campus ID Card swipe or Unity login on the touch screen panel to access the device.


  • The PaperCut client can only connect to one PaperCut server, because of this, we are unable to support printing to both the departmental WolfCopy Konica Minoltas in PaperCut and the WolfPrint printers on the same computers.
  • Computers will need to be in a Configuration Management System to get the PaperCut client.  See info below on the PaperCut Client for more details.
  • We are only able to support printing by Unity Users on WolfTech AD joined computers.

PaperCut Client

The PaperCut Client is delivered through the campus Configuration Management environments.

  • Windows:  Computers in WolfTech AD by default use SCCM for Configuration Management.  There is an NCSU level application available through the
    <OU>-SW-PaperCut-PaperCut MF Client WolfCopy-AUTO group, where <OU> is your departmental organizational unit prefix in WolfTech AD.  The version installed by SCCM will be updated by OIT whenever the WolfCopy PaperCut server gets updated.
  • macOS:  Computers will need to use the UNC System Jamf Pro configuration management system for access to the PaperCut client.  There are two packages that are needed for this, one installs the base client application, the other installs the config files necessary to connect to the WolfCopy PaperCut server.  Best practice recommendation is to add both of these packages to the same policy in Jamf Pro.  When new versions are available, policies will need to be updated to replace the base client application and redeployed to machines.
  • Linux:  Client installation and configuration for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or CentOS 7 can be provided through a puppet module.  Contact OIT_WOLFPRINT@help.ncsu.edu if you need access to the client from one of these Linux versions.

Server Information

Server Name Role Software Info
wolfcopy.oit.ncsu.edu Print Server/PaperCut Print Provider Windows Server 2016, PaperCut MF Print Provider 20.1.3
wolfcopy-pcut.oit.ncsu.edu PaperCut Application Server RedHat Enterprise Linux 7, PaperCut MF Application Server 20.1.3

Print Queues


There are two generic PrintRelease queues that allow users to submit jobs that will be held for release until they are at the printer to swipe their Campus ID card and release the print job.

  • PrintRelease-C364E for all color Konica Minolta models.
  • PrintRelease-554e for all black and white Konica Minolta models.

Deploying Print Queues

The print server uses Windows printer shares (SMB) to make print queues available to the devices.  This includes the PrintRelease queues as well as the direct print queues for each copier.

  • Windows:  The path to the print queues will be of the form:  \\wolfcopy.oit.ncsu.edu\<QUEUENAME>, where <QUEUENAME> is the name of the print queue.  Windows computers will receive the correct print drivers automatically from the print server once the print queue is deployed to them.  While there are multiple ways to deploy a shared printer to a Windows computer, the following example is a recommended best practice:
    • Create groups to assign each print queue to computers, one for each print queue.  If you don’t already have one for the PrintRelease queue for a given copier, then create one for that queue as well.
    • Groups for any PrintRelease queues should be members of the PaperCut MF Client software group in your departmental OU.  This ensures that any computer receiving the PrintRelease queues also get the correct PaperCut MF Client install.
    • Groups for the direct print queues for a copier should be a member of the PrintRelease queue for that model.  This allows you to assign computers directly to the direct print queue and also get the correct PrintRelease queue for that copier, and because the PrintRelease queue is also a member of the PaperCut MF Client software group, the computer would also get the correct PaperCut MF Client install.
    • Group Policy Configuration for each print queue will use Group Policy Preferences for the users, with item level targeting to assign only to computers within the group created above for that print queue:
      • User Configuration -> Preferences -> Control Panel Settings -> Printers
      • Create new shared printer, use the SMB path to the print queue determined from the queue name above.
      • Configure Item-level targeting to limit the deployment of the print queue to computers in the group you created for that print queue
  • macOS/Linux (CUPS):  The path to the print queues will be of the form:  smb://wolfcopy.oit.ncsu.edu/<QUEUEUNAME>, where <QUEUENAME> is the name of the print queue.
    • For macOS, driver packages are available in Jamf and should be installed before the printer is installed:
    • For macOS if the printers are not already in Jamf, once drivers are installed on a machine, you can then manually create a printer on that machine, and use the resulting ppd file from /etc/cups/ppd to upload when creating a printer object in Jamf.  Note:  In order to install an smb based network printer manually in macOS using the GUI in System Preferences, you need the advanced button available on the tool bar in the add printer window.  If it is not there, you can right click on an empty space in the toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar” to add it.