WolfPrint Technical Information


PaperCut Support

Supported Environments

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

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Printer Requirements

  • WolfCopy approved
  • Status retrievable by SNMP
  • Page count retrievable with PJL commands
  • Customizable security and configuration settings

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Requesting a Printer

Submit a Help Request Incident to request a new WolfPrint printer.

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Printer Hookup

  • WolfCopy delivers, installs and supplies the network cable for the printer hookup.
  • OIT is responsible for setting up network configurations and monitoring the printers’ status.

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Network Requirements

  • Each printer must have a dedicated network port configured on the printer VLAN.
  • The customer is responsible for any fees associated with network installation and port activation.

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Printer Deployment Methods

See Adding WolfCopy Printers.

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 Naming Convention

  • All lowercase
  • Official NC State building abbreviation (linked to NC State Campus Map)
  • Room number
  • Queue ID


Printer Type Building Abbreviation Room Number Queue ID Print Queue Name
black/white dhl 1204 1 dhl-1204-1
color dhl 1204 color1 dhl-1204-color1
plotter bs 203 plot1 bs-203-plot1

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 IP Address and Host Name Assignment

OIT will register the printer’s Mac address and assign an IP address and hostname using NCSU’s Host Management Tool.

  • Domain Name:  wc.ncsu.edu
  • MAC Pool:  WolfCopy Printers

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Printer Security

OIT’s recommended security settings are distributed by OIT using Access Control Lists (ACLs).

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