Never, ever share your password

If you share your Unity password with anyone, not only is it a policy violation, but you also expose yourself and the university to significant risk. Think of your password like your signature. Sharing it with someone is like giving that person authority to sign your name—authority that implies you approve of everything they do in your name. You are the only person responsiblefor all activities performed with your Unity ID and password.

Never send your password to someone else via email. 
If you receive an email from someone claiming to be a university staff member and asking for your password, do not respond. A legitimate NC State administrator or IT support person will NEVER ask for your password.

You can share email or calendar information with someone, such as an administrative assistant, while you’re traveling.
Delegate your email or calendar access. See How can I delegate email or calendar access to another person?

Someone affiliated with NC State is visiting you and needs to log in to a campus computer to perform university-related business.
Request a guest account for him/her via proper channels.  For more details, see Guest Accounts on Computing Account Procedures for Faculty, Staff and Guests.

You have Financials system access and to coordinate Travel Authorizations and Reimbursements for your department, you need to look at a colleague’s travel documents in the Financials system.
Do not ask for his/her password. Instead, learn how to allow proxy access for others in your department. See the NCSU Travel Center User’s Guide, page 7.

To read more about choosing a strong password and keeping it safe, see the following: