Unity Credentials


Your keys to campus resources

Your Unity ID, and password – are your keys to accessing many NC State resources, including:

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Unity ID

  • Generated automatically by OIT from your name.
  • Issued to
    • Undergraduate students in the wolfPAW system.
      NOTE: Unity ID is not the student-generated wolfPAW login.
    • Graduate students in their admission letter.
    • Employees in an email from the Onboarding Center.
  • Also called Unity username, user ID, or login ID.

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Default password (not secure)

  • Cannot access IT resources with this password; e.g., MyPack Portal.  The password must first be changed from the default.
  • Construction
    • Begins with the last four digits of your Campus ID number, also referred to as the student ID or employee ID number. It can be found on your Wolfpack One Card but should have also been given to you through the employee hiring or student admissions process.
    • Ends with four digits of your birth month and day.
    • Example
      Campus ID: 123456789.
      Birthday: March 4 (i.e., 03/04).
      Default password: 67890304.
  • ONLY for
    • first-time setup of security questions and your initial password.
    • setting a new password after a reset.

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Initial Password Change

Follow the Initial Password Change process to set up your security questions and set your first password.
After the initial password change, you can change your password as needed in the future.

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Essential password protections

These practices, among others, will help you keep your account from becoming compromised.

  • NEVER share your password with anyone for any reason, no matter how urgent the request.
  • NEVER respond to ANY email or internet request for your password.

For additional information and guidance visit NC State Password Guidelines.

For more on general computing security, see Safe Computing at NC State.

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Change your password

Go to the Password Change Form.

  • You can use your current or expired password to set up a new one.
  • If you have forgotten your password or it is not working, you can try a Self-Service Password Reset.

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Allowing parental access to student records

  • Never share your Unity credentials with anyone, not even your parents.
    Password sharing violates the Computer Use Regulation.
  • If you wish to allow a parent or guardian to access your account, see
    Parent or Guardian Access for details. They will receive separate credentials.

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Getting Help

For assistance with Unity credentials, contact the NC State Help Desk via the NC State IT Service Portal or call 919.515.HELP (4357) during business hours.

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