Unity Credentials



Unity ID and default password

Everyone affiliated with the university is assigned these two computing credentials:

  • Unity login ID
    (a.k.a. Unity username, user ID, login ID)
  • Default password
    An eight-digit number composed of these two items:

    • Last four digits of the ID number on your Wolfpack One Card.
    • Four digits of your birth month and day.

      • Card ID ends in 1234
      • Birthday is January 31 (i.e., 01/31)
      • Default password is 12340131.
  • CAUTION: Your default password is NOT secure.
  • It does NOT give you access to the MyPack Portal or many other campus IT resources.
  • Use it ONLY to create a new password.
    Here’s how:
  1. Immediately after you receive your default password, go to:
    Unity Password Change Tool
  2. Follow the instructions for creating a new strong, secure password.

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Unity ID distribution to new students, faculty and staff

  • New undergraduate students can find their Unity ID in the wolfPAW system.
    NOTE: Students’ Unity credentials are NOT the wolfPAW login and password they created on the wolfPAW Registration Page.
  • New graduate students receive their Unity ID in their admission letter.
  • New faculty and staff receive theirs when they are hired.

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What your credentials provide

Your Unity ID and password are your keys to numerous university IT resources, including:

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Campus ID

  • The Campus ID for NC State students, faculty and staff is the nine-digit ID number on the Wolfpack One Card.
  • New students receive this card during New Student Orientation.
  • New faculty and staff members receive their Campus ID (a.k.a. Employee ID, PeopleSoft ID) during New Employee Orientation at the Onboarding Center. It is also available from their departmental Human Resources representatives.
  • NOTE: Your Campus ID cannot access the IT resources available with your Unity credentials.

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Creating security questions and answers

Immediately after you use your default to create a new password:

  1. Go to the User Identification and Authentication form.
  2. Create security questions and answers.
  3. Later, if you need help with your password, you can call the NC State Help Desk during business hours and answer those questions to confirm your identity.

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Resetting your password

If you’ve forgotten your password or it has been compromised, contact the NC State Help Desk as soon as possible to have it reset.

Contact the NC State Help Desk in either of these ways:

  • If you HAVE already completed the User Identification and Authentication form:
    1. Call the NC State Help Desk during business hours.
    2. Give a Help Desk consultant the answers to the questions you created on the form in order to confirm your identity and have your password reset to your default.
  • If you HAVE NOT already completed this form, or if you have forgotten the answers:
    • If possible, carry proof of your identity (e.g., Wolfpack One Card, driver’s license, other government-issued ID) to the OIT Walk-in Center during business hours to have your password reset to your default.
    • If this isn’t possible, then email help@ncsu.edu for assistance.

After a Help Desk consultant resets your password:

  1. Immediately go to the Unity Password Change Tool.
  2. Follow the instructions for creating a new strong, secure password.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, complete the User Identification and Authentication form. Those questions and answers can be used later to confirm your identity as needed.

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Changing your password

  • At least annually, you must create a new, secure password using the Unity Password Change Tool.
  • Staff and faculty who access more sensitive data must change their passwords more often. For more details, see Password Standard.

Securing your password

  • It is crucial that you safeguard your password.
  • NEVER share your password with anyone for any reason, no matter how urgent the request.
  • Any request for your password, typically by email, is always fraudulent and should always be ignored.
  • For details about keeping your password secure, see Safe Computing at NC State.

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Allowing parental access to student records

  • Students may allow parents or guardians to access their personal information, records and billing information.
  • Follow the secure procedure given at FERPA – Parental Access.
  • Never share your own Unity credentials with anyone, not even your parents.

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Password not working properly

Contact the NC State Help Desk.

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Forgotten password

See Resetting your password (above).

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Additional help

For additional assistance with your Unity credentials, contact the the NC State Help Desk during business hours.

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