Macintosh Software from NC State University OIT

Most software found here is Copyright NC State University, 2000-Present.

For information on creating digital signs with webXkioskII  see:…-for-web-content/

OpenAFS Configuration and Software:

NC State OpenAFS
Installation procedure and software needed to setup kerberos and OpenAFS for use on Macintosh at NC State University.

An administrative application launching program for public or novice user environments.  Allows the machine administrator to create a menu of one-click buttons to launch applications, documents etc.  Tips on deployment in multi-user environments.

A full screen, web kiosk application with security, web screen saver,  and some “universal access” features.  This application can be used to create public information and/or web kiosks.

A screen saver module which will display a web page.  Used in lab settings to run banners over the login window on Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4.