Campus Macintosh Support Groups


What support/training/user groups meet on NC State Campus?


The MacTech group exist on the NC State campus to deal with Macintosh and Apple Technology related issues.
MacTech is a steering and training group sponsored by OIT to help make choices on how OIT supports, trains, and deploys Apple Technology. This group also shares technical and purchasing knowledge for mutual benefit. The group was chartered in July 1998 and have met continuously since.
What is the MacTech group?
MacTech is a group open to any NC State University community member with IT-related technical support and planning responsibility for a unit (e.g., department, program, college). This group meets to train, discuss technical and security issues and make suggestions to OIT as to direction and desired outcome for any changes regarding Apple Technology. MacTech is a working group of the NC State IT Advisory Groups.  In general, this group meets the second Tuesday of every month in B16-B Hillsborough Building at 2:30 pm. The steering and oversight of this group is considered by OIT but is not binding.
Visit the MacTech meeting archives at
A mail list for this group is available in Google Groups under mactech.
Join at:!forum/group-mactech/join

The MacPolicy Group Archives?
MacPolicy was a group that existed for many years to help OIT make purchasing and technology decisions related to Apple technology.  Since the group membership had 99% overlap with the MacTech Group, MacPolicy was combined with MacTech in 2018.  The archive remains for reference.
Visit the MacPolicy meeting archives at