Project Portfolio Management Approach

OIT Project Portfolio Management should be:

  • Realistic – The tools and processes we use to improve our management of projects needs to be practical and fact-based.
    • We need to prioritize projects with respect to resource constraints and institutional priorities – and use a consistent methodology for that process.
    • We need to understand the resource requirements for projects and to identify any resource bottlenecks. Decisions concerning what we can and cannot do should be based on evidence – not guess-work.
    • We need measurable results. We need the ability to determine the success or failure of our efforts and any corrective measures that we take.
  • Consistent – Follows a standard process and documentation methodology
    • We need to implement “right-weight” processes for managing projects and resources so we can gain the most benefit with the least overhead.
    • We need to be flexible. The amount of administration and documentation that we employ in pursuit of better planning will need to be modified as we learn from experience.
    • We need to be consistent in the way we manage projects so we can communicate with each other clearly and coordinate our work effectively.
  • Transparent – Improved visibility into all projects – transparency within the organization and across stakeholders.
    • We need a central place to view all currently active projects across the division so everyone in the division can have a clear view of organizational priorities and constraints.
    • We need to be able to analyze how we spend our time so we can identify opportunities for increased efficiency and free up time for innovation
    • We need to provide the opportunity for teams and individuals to provide visibility so that people can help one another

OIT Project Portfolio Process:


Lifecycle of an OIT project

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