OIT Organizational Resilience


The mission of the OIT Organizational Resilience Program is to ensure the following:

  • Minimal risk of major disruptions to critical university systems and processes.
  • Timely recovery of infrastructure and services in the event of a disruption.
  • Viable contingency plans for the university’s information technology environment.


The goal of information technology resiliency is to provide flexible, highly available IT services to the NC State community.


The NC State Office of Information Technology (OIT) will evaluate and develop a comprehensive Organizational Resilience Program that encompasses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other core IT services. The program must meet OIT’s obligation to its major stakeholders, ensuring that the risk of major disruptions to critical university processes have been mitigated. A critical component of the program will be the development of viable resilience plans for core IT services to ensure that the gap between the loss of IT services and recovery of normal business operations is minimized.

Scope (People, Process and Technology)

  • Identify core services provided by OIT that drive critical processes of the university.
  • Develop plans to ensure that core services can be restored to a minimally viable state within an acceptable amount of time.
  • Ensure that all key personnel are identified and included in restoration plans for core services.
  • Evaluate the hardware, software and network environment that is the foundation of core services.
  • Evaluate the BCDR communication channels between OIT and university operations.


  • Tests and Exercises
    • OIT BCDR Exercises
    • Participation in NCSU BCDR exercises
  • Planned Maintenance
    • Planning and coordination of the quarterly extended maintenance windows



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