Central Services and Integration

Central Services Integration ( CSI ) supports enterprise level integration of Linux / Unix services within OIT. We manage a wide range of services and help other technical units fulfill their mission.

OIT Linux Services (OLS)

  • Secure Linux build support for PCI regulatory environment
  • Shared Campus Linux Services build environment
  • Red Hat Satellite (RHN) patching and reporting for RHEL based systems

Monitoring, Notification, and On Call

  • Campus wide Zabbix based server monitoring solution
  • Customized integrated paging ( email and SMS ) system
  • On Call scheduling for technical units that maintain 24 x 7 services

NTP Time Service

  • Provides time services to campus hosts
  • Stratum 2 environment
  • Supports networking, ERP, Shibboleth authentication, Wolftech Active Directory

Mirror Servers

  • Access to server packages and repos
  • External mirror for CentOs and Fedora Linux distributions

MySQL / MariaDB Hosted Database

  • Hosted from central OIT VMware environment (for fee)
  • Includes backup, patch, and upgrade support

Proxy Service

  • Secure external access to internet for HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, SFTP
  • External vendor patch access.

Load Balancing

FortiADC based system supporting campus Linux, monitoring, proxy, and authentication services.

ERP / EAS Email Relays

  • Email proxy system for internal Peoplesoft and related systems
  • Integrates into campus Google mail


  • Authentication services for ERP and Oracle database systems

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments via linux@help.ncsu.edu

CSI Documentation here