Shared Services

Eric Sills, Assistant Vice Chancellor

Shared Services provides a wide array of enterprise level infrastructure and middleware services for OIT and other campus IT organizations. Shared services in collaboration with the Research Office, the Office of the Provost, and colleges also provides High Performance Computing  (HPC) and Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) services.

Middleware Services

Infrastructure Platform and Services

  • Central Services and Integration
    Enterprise scale Unix / Linux including Realm Linux and RHN Satellite, MySQL database, Nagios (Sysnews Tools) Monitoring Services, OpenAFS, Email Relays, Configuration Management Services using Puppet, campus NTP, and Printing Services.
  • Platform Compute Services
    Infrastructure deployment, Virtual server service, Hardware systems service, Storage Hosting service, Cloud services integration, and VCL development and operation

High Performance Computing

Distributed memory and shared memory parallel computing resources; large HPC data storage; HPC software; HPC support, consulting, and collaboration

Research Storage

On campus storage for research data. Default allocation for each awarded grant for duration of the grant plus ten years. Two file systems, one that can be mounted from any campus computer with a static IP address (after computer has been registered with the storage) that is not compliant with NIST 800-171 and second that is NIST 800-171 compliant that can only be mounted from NIST 800-171 compliant endpoints over compliant network connections.

Virtual Computing Lab

Private cloud computing services: application delivery for faculty and students, instructional server deployment, long-term server deployment. Apache VCL project management. Apache VCL development.

Special Projects

  • Facilitating NC Community College use of VCL – funded by NC Community Colleges
  • Use of VCL to deliver instructional software for teaching math to middle school students – funded by NSF
  • National Collaborative for Bio-Preparedness (NCB-Prepared) – Homeland Security funded biopreparedness project in collaboration with UNC-Chapel Hill and SAS