Research, Scholarship & Creativity IT Committee

Purpose / Mission

The mission of the Research, Scholarship & Creativity IT Committee (RSCITC) is to support and enable the NC State community to achieve its research, scholarship and creative ambitions and, in so doing, benefit NC, the nation and the world.

RSCITC works proactively to identify IT infrastructure needs and policy bottlenecks that constrain the productivity of the NC State research, scholarship and creativity community, and serves as a conduit for the communication of concerns and recommendations to the Strategic IT Committee.  In so doing, the RSCITC provides advice that will help align resources for the University’s IT infrastructure with the NC State strategic plan as well as the future needs of a growing Research 1 academic institution.

Membership (Google Sheet)

Agendas/Minutes (Google Drive)

Guiding Principles

  • University IT infrastructure supports all research, scholarship and creative work in keeping with their equal value to the University’s mission.
  • University IT infrastructure, policies and processes should reduce administrative burden while ensuring compliance and productivity.
  • University IT infrastructure should support the entirety of the NC State innovation ecosystem, from discovery to incubation to commercialization.
  • University IT infrastructure should be forward-looking, anticipate future needs and ensure that NC State is successful in an increasingly competitive world.
  • University IT service funding models must be aligned with the policies of extramural sponsors and transparent to the NC State community.
  • University IT policies should foster equitable and inclusive access to technology resources.


  • Seeks input from University stakeholders and provides recommendations regarding current and future IT needs, as well as IT services and resources that are redundant or ineffective.  RSCITC supports the efforts of the Strategic IT Committee by offering advice and concerns for consideration.
  • Helps to disseminate information to the NC State community regarding access to University resources that support research, scholarship and creativity (e.g., research support services such as IT design or project management, computational resources, data storage, data networking, software platforms). 
  • Helps to evaluate new and emerging technologies and trends with the potential to impact and support research, scholarship and creativity (e.g., cloud services, internet of things, 3-D printing, quantum computing, machine learning, visualization and digitization tools).  Fosters partnerships within the NC State community that will expand the use of these new technologies until they become widespread University needs. 
  • Considers legal, security and compliance constraints that often impact technologies that support research, scholarship and creativity (e.g., ITAR & travel considerations, cybersecurity, data management plans, funding agency data security requirements, export controls, copyright, etc.).
  • Considers student research, scholarship and creativity needs and technologies, including recommendations for the acquisition and licensing of software, and mechanisms for the delivery of IT services to students.
  • Reviews initiatives, policies or strategy decisions related to research and research IT if they meet the standards in the IT Governance Decision Matrix.  Referrals to the RSCITC can be considered from any University entity, including but not limited to:
    • Those responsible for providing IT services that support research, scholarship and creativity
    • Leadership of the University’s governance groups
    • The Strategic IT Committee 
    • University or college committees or working groups