Strategic Information Technology Committee

Purpose / Mission

The Strategic IT Committee (SITC) provides university wide IT vision, considering and recommending IT needs and requirements that align with the university strategic plan and future trends in higher education and the UNC System strategic Plan. The committee works to encourage innovation while managing risk, seeks opportunities for cross-campus collaboration, considers the implications of policy recommendations on behalf of campus stakeholders, and promotes timely and sound decision making. 

Membership (Google sheet)

Agendas/Minutes (Google drive)

Guiding Principles

  • Strategic alignment is the overarching role of SITC providing insight and guidance around IT matters. Non-IT participation on the committee is essential for alignment of IT issues across the university and alignment with the university strategic plan.
  • Governance should holistically address issues spanning multiple domains.
  • Transparency and simplicity of the Governance processes is vital and it should be open, straightforward and easy to navigate. Unnecessary bureaucracy must be avoided.
  • Future focused. The SITC is forward thinking in its considerations of policy and strategy.  


  • Considers policy and strategic initiatives, evaluating input from domain committees and providing recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for IT and through that position to the Chancellor’s cabinet. 
  • Reviews the initiatives, policies or other topics referred to it through the governance intake process which is open to all university stakeholders.  
  • Proposals for initiatives or policies can be referred to the SITC from any  university entity, including but not limited to:
    • Other university governance entities
    • The domain committees
    • IT service owners
    • The VC for IT
  • Regularly evaluates future trends in information technology and higher education, and makes recommendations for forward-looking IT-related opportunities that are aligned with the university’s mission, goals, and priorities. 
  • Provides advice on resource allocation for significant IT initiatives. 
  • The SITC can refer items to one of the domain committees or, if needed, create a working group to consider specific issues or formulate a potential business case for leadership to consider. 
  • The SITC may request reports and information as needed to support strategic decision making. 
  • The SITC is not intended to consider operational issues; these are the role of the service providers.