Your File Space

At NC State, all students, faculty and staff have file storage space in these locations:

  • NCSU Drive
    • 5 GB
    • Accessible via the campus network but not with a Web browser
    • For details see NCSU Drive Space.
  • Google Drive
  • Andrew File System (AFS)
    • 2 GB, with the option to purchase more
    • Accessible via the campus network and the Internet
    • For details see AFS Space at NC State.
  • Free Office 365 (1 TB)
  • Storing sensitive data
    • In general, Cloud storage space (e.g., OneDrive) may not be secure.
      See Storage Locations for University Data for details.
    • DO NOT store any sensitive information in the Cloud;
      e.g., Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, passwords.
    • University employees who handle sensitive data:
      See “Cloud service” in the table of Storage Locations for University Data.