Jobs in the Office of Information Technology at NC State

Full-time Job Opportunities in OIT

  • OIT offers full-time job opportunities for technology professionals.
  • OIT advances the academic mission of the university by:
    • Providing IT services for the campus.
    • Supporting leading-edge development work in networking and computing.

If you would like to join our highly-qualified staff, check for OIT full-time openings:

  1. Visit
  2. In the left navigation area, select:
    Search Jobs
  3. From the College/Division list, select:
    51 – Office of Information Technology (OIT)
  4. Click Search.

Part-time Job Opportunities in OIT

When part-time positions are available, OIT units hire NC State students for:

  • Help Desk consulting.
  • Application programming.
  • Computer repair and maintenance.
  • Communications.

Specific part-time job opportunities are listed below.

Student Help Desk Consultant

For support requests received at 919.515.HELP (4357) and the Help Desk, this position provides:

  • Initial technical troubleshooting.
  • Problem escalation.

Currently accepting applications for Student Help Desk Consultants.

Walk-In Center Technician

Provides students with one-on-one support for:

  • Software.
  • Hardware.
  • Network connectivity.
  • Unity account issues.

Currently accepting applications for Walk-In Center Technicians.

ClassTech Technician

Provides technical support for audiovisual and computer technologies
to clients using OIT ClassTech-supported classrooms and conference rooms.
Currently accepting applications for ClassTech Student Technicians.

Software Licensing Support

  • Provides licensing and installation support to campus for academic and administrative licensing.
  • Provides administrative support for Software Licensing Management, including:
    • Maintaining website and wiki.
    • Creating instructional videos and written documentation.
    • Provisioning licensing.
    • Other clerical functions.

Not currently hiring for this position.

News and Public Relations Support

  • Writes news articles and technical documentation.
  • Coordinates public relations campaigns.
  • Produces multimedia about IT-related issues.

For responsibilities and qualifications, see Part-Time OIT News & PR Support
Not currently hiring for this position.

PackTV Team

PackTV is the ESPN of club and intramural sports at NC State as well as varsity games.
Currently accepting applications for:

  • Camera Person.
  • Play-By-Play Announcer.
  • Color Commentary Director.
  • Highlights/Game Melt Editor.
  • Social Media Assistant.

For details, see PackTV Job Interest Form.

OIT Project Management Lite Internship Program

  • Multi-semester intern program.
  • Real-world IT experience for students who:
    • Are interested in an IT career path.
    • Meet minimum requirements.
  • Jobs postings each semester on the ePACK website.