Communications – Infrastructure

Help for Designers of Communications Infrastructure

This page is designed to provide information to architects, engineers, and contractors who are designing and installing communications infrastructure on the NC State campus.

New Campus Building Designs

All new university buildings are to be wired according to the University Wiring Standard (UWS) 3.0. Existing buildings which are being completely rewired should also be wired using this standard.

Note: Multi-tenant buildings on Centennial Campus are treated somewhat differently.
See North Carolina State University Centennial Campus Communications/Internet Infrastructure Guidelines (DOC).

Existing Campus Building Designs

 Buildings at NC State have been wired according to established campus-wide wiring standards since around 1990. In general, building renovations that do not involve complete, whole building rewiring should be wired to match existing in the building. There are several wiring standards which govern these buildings. To determine the wiring standard for a particular building contact ComTech.