ComTech Telecom and IT Billing Customer Center

Overview of Customer Center

Functionality includes:

Persistent Shopping Cart – The Shopping Cart is saved as items are added. Enter partial requests and save them for later.
Redesigned Cart Layout – The Shopping Cart may contain numerous requests and even multiple request types. Perform Add, Change, and Move actions all in one request! Submit some or all of the requests in the Shopping Cart. Unsubmitted requests will expire after 30 days.
Summary Page of Submitted Requests – After submitting one or more requests, a printable summary page displays. If any requests were not submitted, the summary page would list the reason(s) why.
System Alerts/News – System alerts are displayed in color bars across the top of the Home page. News is shown in the News section of the Home page.
Repair Requests – An easy-to-use form to request a repair for any of your department’s services and equipment.
View Bill – An HTML bill rendered in an easy-to-view format with drill-down functionality to see multiple levels of bill detail.


Quick Start and User Guides

PCR Customer Center Quick Start Guide

PCR Customer Center User Guide (pdf)

General Info and Navigation

Access and Department Management

Access and Department Management Form

ComTech Coordinator Search Tool

ComTech Service Rates

Favorites List

System Alerts, News, and Notifications

Set Gmail as Default Email Client to Open Mailto Links



Business Communications Services Audit

Call Details Records



Cancel a Service Request

Long Distance Authorization Codes

Order a Replacement Phone

Shop for Equipment

Shop for Services

Shopping Cart & Checkout

Track Your Request

Managing Existing Services

Disconnect an Active Service

Large Moves

Miscellaneous Changes

Move a Service to a New Location

Reassign a Service to a New User

View Your Existing Services