Computer Labs in Colleges and Other Campus Units

OIT provides Unity computer labs for all students, faculty and staff with active Unity accounts. In addition, most colleges and several other campus units maintain computing labs and related computer resources such as laptops for checkout at the libraries. Many of the labs have usage restrictions, but some are available to the campus at large, as shown in the table below.

Campus Unit Workstations Totals Contact Information
College of Agriculture
and Life Sciences
150 Windows PCs 2 labs open to all

9 labs restricted to college

150 seats

CALS Student Computing Facilities


College of Design
160 dual-boot Macs
(with both OS X and Windows 7)
Labs restricted to college only

3 main labs

12 small cluster labs

160 seats

COD Information Technology

COD Contact Info and Lab Hours

College of Education
150 Windows PCs

32 Macs

2 Labs open to all

4 computer classrooms restricted to college only

182 seats

Education IT (EdIT)
College of Engineering
241 Windows PCs

76 Linux

Labs open to students in COE classes

11 labs

317 seats

Engineering Information Technology


College of Humanities
and Social Sciences
184 Windows PCs

9 Macs

Labs open to all.

6 labs

184 seats



Labs and Instructional Spaces

Poole College of Management
151 Windows PCs Labs restricted to college only

6 labs

151 seats

Computing Services



College of Natural Resources
31 Windows PCs Labs restricted to college only

31 seats

Information Technology
Computer Labs
College of Sciences
439 Windows PCs

246 Macs

279 Linux PCs

240 Unix workstations

Labs open to students in COS classes

43 labs

964 seats

COS Physics Department
(IT support for COS)
Wilson College of Textiles
145 Windows PCs

4 Macs

2 labs open to all

8 labs restricted to college

149 seats


Computer Labs

College of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine Library:
33 Windows PCs
4 Windows laptops

Educational Support Services
20 Windows laptops
30 iPads
Some Vet Med Library PCs
are open to all during
library hours

ESS devices are used for controlled, computerized exams,
loaner devices, and training purposes for educational applications
Computing Resources


CVM Computer Lab & Classroom PC Information

D. H. Hill Jr. Library
226 desks with computers

Available for checkout:
147 laptops
47 tablets

2 labs open to all.

226 seats

NCSU Libraries Computing



Division of Academic
& Student Affairs
139 Windows PCs
12 Macs
1 lab open to all

9 labs restricted

151 seats

DASA Technology Services
James B. Hunt Jr. Library
151 desks with computers
Available for checkout:
104 laptops
15 tablets
65 group study rooms with in-room computing NCSU Libraries: Computing