Unity Lab Environment Settings

Most of the Unity Lab Environment settings are applied via a series of group policies whose names begin with “OITLAB-Unity-“.  For each of these policies, the table below shows any applicable filters and a description of the actions taken by that policy.  This information is current as of October 2, 2017.

“OITLAB-Unity-” group policies
Group Policy Name Filters Description
OITLAB-Unity-Allow IPP Printing
  • Enables printing over IPP/HTTP
OITLAB-Unity-Allow Removable Media Driver Install
  • Enables the installation of drivers for removable media such as USB key drives
OITLAB-Unity-Desktop Settings
  • Places icons on the desktop for My Documents (XP Only), My Computer, IE (IE icon untested on Windows 10), NCSU GMail, and Logoff
  • Copies Poweroff.exe to the Program Files folder
  • Turns off the Desktop Cleanup Wizard
  • >Removes Windows Media Player Icon from the Desktop
OITLAB-Unity-Disable Offline Files
  • Disables Offline Files
OITLAB-Unity-Enable WOLFPRINT Printing
  • Allows printing to non-domain print servers
  • Allows automatic installation of print drivers from the print server to occur

NOTE:  This policy is no longer used for WolfPrint printing by may still be useful for allowing printing to other SMB based (Windows or Samba) print servers.  For WolfPrint printing, use: OITLAB-Unity-Allow IPP Printing

OITLAB-Unity-IE Settings
  • Sets default IE Home page to https://www.ncsu.edu
  • Disables first run prompt for customization settings and takes user to Home page
  • Disables IE checking periodically for updates
OITLAB-Unity-Lock Desktop
  • Creates a local desktop folder that is not writable by users
  • Redirects the user’s desktop to that folder
  • Effectively blocks the user from being able to save to the desktop
OITLAB-Unity-Office 2007 Trusted Locations
  • Adds “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\STARTUP” to the Office 2007 Trust Center list of Trusted Locations
  • This policy will be deleted December 31, 2017 with Office 2007 falling out of support from MS during the fall 2017 semester.
OITLAB-Unity-Turn Off System Restore
  • Turns off System Restore
OITLAB-Unity-Windows Search Settings
  • Disables indexing of network volumes, like AFS
OIT-Unity-Win7-Redirect Documents to AFS Home Win 7 Only
  • Redirects My Documents to K: for Unity Users
  • Redirects My Music, My Videos, My Photos, and Favorites to a folder within K:
OITLAB-Unity-Win7-WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite Printer-Set Default Win 7 Only
  • Adds the WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite printer for WolfPrint FollowMe Printing support
  • Sets it as the default printer with an item in the startup folder
OIT-Unity-Vista7-Logoff Default in Start Menu Win 7 and Vista Only
  • Sets the default Start Menu shutdown option to Logoff

Additional Settings

The following items may need to be added in a specific department or lab:

  • Printers
  • Primary DNS Suffix
  • DNS Suffix Search Order – Needs to include oit.ncsu.edu for WOLFPRINT to work