Workstations in Unity Computer Labs

OIT’s Unity computer labs are equipped with Windows and Macintosh workstations. Each workstation provides internet access, a wide variety of software applications, and access to university computing resources. For more help with workstations at NC State, see:

Lab Workstations/Software

  • OIT uses Dell and Apple computer hardware in its Unity labs.
  • Each PC workstation is equipped with a 23-inch LCD flat-panel monitor, along with DVD-RW/CD-RW optical drive and easily accessible USB ports.
  • Mac users will find each lab equipped with at least one 21.5-inch Intel-based iMac.
  • Each workstation is installed with an assortment of commonly-used commercial and freeware applications, including current versions of Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, web browsers, instant messaging clients, mathematics and modeling packages, GIS and map software, and much more.

Printing In Unity Computer Labs


  • Each Unity Lab is equipped with at least one black and white printer.
  • Some labs may also have a color printer.
  • These printers are provided by WolfCopy and use the WolfPrint service.


The current per-page charge for printing in the Unity Labs:

  • 8.5×11
    • Black & white $0.10
    • Color $0.25
  • Duplex and 11×17 (where available)
    • Black & white $0.20
    • Color $0.50

NOTE: Before you can print, you must have funds in your AllCampus account or print credit in PaperCut.

Additional Information

To learn more about printing in Unity labs, visit WolfPrint.

Logging Out

  • Remember to always log out of your account when you finish a computing session.
  • If you don’t log out, other users will have access to your account, file space, print quota and email.
  • For Windows or Macintosh workstations, log out by clicking on the Logoff or Log Out icon on the desktop.