Windows Workstations in Unity Computer Labs


General Lab Use



Workstations and the other resources in Unity labs are open to all NC State students, faculty and staff who have active Unity accounts.

Logging In

To log in, you will need both your Unity ID and your Unity password.

Logging Off

  • NOTE: When you are finished at the workstation, it is extremely important that you log off.
  • If you don’t log off, the next user of that workstation will have full access to ALL of these:
    • your account
    • your NC State computing resources
    • all of your files.
  • To log off, use the Logoff icon on the desktop or in the Start menu.
    The logoff icon.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your account secure.
  • For more information, see Safe Computing at NC State.

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Applications and Email

Application Programs

  • To run an application, open the Start Menu and browse through All Programs to find the application you are looking for.
  • In addition, some applications may have icons on the desktop.
  • For a list of these, see Unity Lab Application List.

Checking Email

  • To access your NC State email via a web browser, go to NC State Gmail.
  • In Unity labs, a shortcut to Gmail is provided on the desktop.
  • For more information on NC State mail, see Google Workspace.

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Saving Files

  • NOTE: Be very careful not to save any files to the workstation.  Files stored there are not backed up and could be deleted if the machine re-installed.
  • You should always save your files to your My Documents folder.
    In the Unity labs, My Documents points to your NCSU Drive space (your B: drive).
  • You can also choose to save your files to another medium; e.g., external hard drive, USB memory disk, CD, DVD.

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Troubleshooting Common Problems

The system could not log you in.

  • There is a slight chance that your Active Directory domain account password is out of sync with your Unity password.
  • If this occurs:
    1. Log in to another type of workstation (Mac, Linux) or use your own computer,
    2. Go to the Password Change Form.
    3. Either change or sync your password.
      NOTE: To sync your password, enter your current password in all three password fields.

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