ResNet is the residential computer network service provided to students living at NC State. ResNet lets you connect your personal computer directly to NC State's computer network and, through the University network, to the Internet.

Network access

You will need your Unity ID and password to get network access in the residence halls.

Manual registration

To manually register a device such as an xBox, see Device Registration on ResNet.

Connections in various residences

  • Wolf Village
    In each bedroom, only the lower right data port is live.
    The upper right port does not work.
  • ES King Village
    The upper right port is live.
    In some two-bedroom apartments, only one bedroom will have a live data jack.
  • Wolf Ridge
    In bedrooms: Red jack is active.
    In common rooms: Black jack is active.
  • Bowen Hall
    This is the first NC State residence hall to have complete wireless coverage. For more information, see Wireless in Bowen Hall.

Antivirus or other software

Visit our Software Tools page.

Help and Support