Remote Work Resources and Guidelines

OIT offers a number of services that can help eligible NC State faculty and staff work productively from home or remotely. You will need to log in with your Unity credentials.

NOTE: OIT staff have access to additional internal resources about teleworking and eligibility.

Data Security

University employees who access university data should use a university-owned endpoint (device) for their remote working needs.  If non-university-owned endpoints are needed, the leadership of the college or division should review and approve their usage in concert with OIT Security & Compliance. 

Everyone (employees, contractors, research collaborators, etc.) with access to university data must abide by REG 08.00.03 – Data Management Regulation.  To help understand your roles, responsibilities and compliance resources, NC State has the Data Management Framework.  This framework explains governance, classification, approved storage locations and more.

When working remotely, it is essential to recognize type of university data you are handling. For endpoints not owned by the university such as personal devices, the Endpoint Protection Standard establishes the requirements to safeguard university data. See Section 5, Table 1.

  • You must not access or store ultra-sensitive (purple) data on endpoints not owned by the university, including your personal desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • You must not store sensitive (red) data on your personal endpoint, but you may access red data, provided you have the proper security controls in place as indicated in the Endpoint Protection Standard. See Section 6, Table 2 and Table 3. These security controls include requirements for antivirus software for personal endpoints. For more information, see: 

We strongly recommend that you use your NC State Google Workspace account for office applications and data storage as much as possible.

Refer to the approved Storage Locations for University Data.

Data Level Not Sensitive
Moderately Sensitive
Highly Sensitive
Ultra Sensitive
Data Examples

Campus Physical Address

Adult’s Name

Public-Facing Websites

Major or Field of Study

Date of Birth



Home Telephone Number

Student Grades

Passport Numbers

Health Information (includes HIPAA)

Bank Account Numbers

Biometric Data

Social Security Number

Encryption Keys

Payment Card Numbers

Refer to the Mobile Security at NC State website to secure your Android, iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and Windows 10 endpoints.

Business and student data

Log in to the MyPack Portal to access Financials, Human Resources, and Student Information System applications.

Electronic Approval Processes and Signatures

See the methods approved for internal approvals.

Email and calendar services

See Google Workspace.

Messaging services

  • Google Chat is available through Google Workspace services.
  • Some NC State faculty and staff use services such as Cisco Jabber and Slack. When using these services, you are prohibited from sharing sensitive data (e.g., purple, red, yellow), such as FERPA, sensitive business information and research information. 

Remote access to your campus desktop

Consult your local IT support staff if you need to remotely access files or campus resources. Also, see:

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) at NC State

  • To protect its most vital campus resources, NC State uses two a multi-factor authentication service: Duo Security.
  • To ensure your continued access to services protected by Duo Security, make sure you are enrolled. See Duo Security authentication methods.
  • If you are locked out of your account, you can receive a self-service bypass code or call the NC State Help Desk at 919.915.HELP (4357).

Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)

  • You can access many applications from NC State’s VCL with an internet connection.
  • A VPN connection is required for access from off-campus.

Virtual Private Network Service (VPN)

  • This provides a secure connection needed to access certain campus resources (e.g., WolfPrint) from a remote location.
    NOTE: VPN connection is NOT needed to access services such as the MyPack Portal, WolfWare, or Google Workspace.
  • Use of the VPN requires the installation of software on your endpoint. For details, see NC State Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Service.


Web conferencing

Work phone

  • Cisco Jabber can allow you to use your endpoint as a phone, without the need for a physical desk phone.
    Cisco Jabber is the recommended solution to receive phone calls remotely
  • Single Number Reach can help people contact you at multiple phone numbers.
    Single number reach is preferred over forwarding your office phone.

Other Helpful Resources