Alumni Email Service

OIT offers graduating students the opportunity to request an alumni email-only account based on Google’s Gmail.  Invitation emails to request an alumni email-only account go out to new graduates shortly after OIT receives notification of their graduation.  

  • This is an email-only account; no other services are available (e.g., calendar, Meet, Chat)
  • Alumni email accounts have a 2GB quota.
  • Email address will be “unityid @”. 
  • Students should plan on downloading files they wish to keep. Use the Drive interface to locate and download important files or use Google Takeout ( to create an export of data. 
    • If you are a current employee, your account is not impacted. In the case that you need to migrate content, be sure that you only select student data and not work related data.
  • Students retain access to their student Google account for six months after which time it will be disabled and files deleted.
  • If you are an eligible student, visit the NC State Alumni Email app.

The Alumni email service is provided by NC State’s Office of Information Technology (OIT). Terms of Use for the service are  below. 

Eligibility for using the Alumni Email-only Service

  • Eligible students are those who graduated with a degree from NC State on or after May 5, 2010 (when NC State selected Google as a service).
    • Students completing certificate programs at NC State are not eligible for the Alumni email service.
  • Eligible graduated students will be notified via email to their NC State student Google account ( and will be offered an email-only 2GB account (based on Gmail). 
  • Students retain access to their NC State student Google account for six months, after which time the NC State account will be disabled and files deleted. 
    • During the six months of extended access, OIT sends communications go to your unityid @ account.
    • Expect regular communications to your unityid @ account reminding you of your 6 month timeframe.
    • OIT recommends that you check this account during these 6 months until you have fully transitioned away from using it. 
    • If you are downloading or making copies of student data, OIT recommends you start the process early since large quantities of data take time to copy.

Alumni Email Service

Graduates of NC State prior to May 2010

  • No decision has been made on offering alumni email accounts to graduates who earned degrees prior to May 2010 (before NC State went with the Google service).
  • Alumni who graduated prior to May 2010 can complete this form which will be shared with the NC State Alumni Association and they will notify you if or when this option becomes available. 

Terms of Service for your NC State Alumni Email Account:

  • NC State University and Google, LLC reserve the right to temporarily or permanently disable an account due to abuse, compromise, or other malevolent behavior. 
  • NC State reserves the right to discontinue the offering of an alumni domain (accounts) to graduated students with proper notification to these users. 
  •  Alumni Email accounts that show no activity in a twelve month timeframe will be disabled; affected users should contact the NC State Help Desk. 
  • The Alumni Email account is provided by NC State and support for forgotten passwords/password resets and Google two-step verification (G2SV) assistance is provided by the Help Desk. Users should set recovery options such as a phone number and backup email address to help prove identity. 
  • Stay in touch with the Pack and allow NC State to email you periodically with campus updates, news, events and opportunities to connect with your fellow alumni.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.