Updating Your Email Address

NC State sends certain information by email only (e.g., information about classes, student accounts, eBILLs, employment, benefits). To avoid missing time-sensitive and other important communications, you will need to make sure that NC State always has your currrent email address.

NC State keeps up to three email addresses for you — Unity, Business, and Other. Your Unity address will always remain the same, but whenever your Business or Other address changes, be sure to update it as indicated below.
NOTE to incoming students: The university uses your Other address for all emailings while you are in the admissions process, so make sure that it stays current during that period.

  • Students
  1. Go to the MyPack Portal.
  2. Select Student Self Service.
  3. Select Campus Personal Information.
  4. Select Email Addresses.
  5. Update your Other email address, along with your postal mail and phone contact information.
  • Employees
  1. Go to the MyPack Portal.
  2. Select Employee Self Service.
  3. Select Personal Details.
  4. Select Contact Details.
  5. Update your Other email address, if you have one.
    To update your Business email address, contact your departmental personnel representative.