Mailing List Services

Service Type


Description of service

  • Email distribution lists to which users may subscribe and unsubscribe are typically called mailing list services.
  • Some mailing lists are set up by list owners to distribute newsletters or announcements to subscribers.
  • Other lists are more open and allow any subscriber to send messages to all subscribers.
  • OIT currently uses Google Groups to provide these services at NC State.

Persons eligible for service

NC State faculty, staff, affiliated professional organizations, registered student organizations.

Type of use

  • Mailing list services are provided only for university-related activities, including academic, research, student organization and outreach.
  • Mailing lists are not provided for “Personal Use,” as defined in Section III of Administrative Regulations – Computer Use.

Duration of service

See Annual renewal below.


No additional fees are charged for this service.

To obtain service

To request a new email list visit

To subscribe to an existing list, see How Can Someone Join A Google Group.

Rules of use

All NC State computer and network resources are governed by the Administrative Regulations – Computer Use.

Annual renewal

  • List owners will be sent an email message each year to renew or discontinue their mailing list.
  • If there is no response after 30 days, a message will be sent to the list.
  • If there is no response after 30 days or if no one will act as list owner, the list will be disabled.

For more information and documentation visit Google Workspace Groups.