Email Forwarding

The ability to forward email is available in the NC State email domain via your Gmail account. However, to safeguard university data, NC State strongly discourages forwarding email externally, especially in bulk, unless necessary. 

If you decide to use email forwarding, you should: 

  • Handle university data in accordance with REG 08.00.03 – Data Management Regulation.
  • Be careful, particularly if you are a university employee (faculty and staff), student worker, or other affiliates, with the type of data you send via email. Email is not a secure environment, and any email containing sensitive data must not be forwarded outside of the ncsu domain.
  • Keep all work-related or student-related email in your Google Workspace account (; do not forward this information to a private email address. Share files and other information from your Google Drive and use your UnityID.
  • Check your address for official university announcements. They are sent only to your address. 

Forwarding your messages

If you must forward email(s) from your NC State Gmail, see:
Create rules to filter your emails in Gmail.
This allows you to forward only specific emails (e.g., from that meet certain criteria. 

Remember: Email is considered a public record if made or received by NC State employees in the course and scope of university business.  Email on an employee’s personal device or in an employee’s personal possession is subject to the Public Records Act. Employees should try to keep work and personal communications separate. For additional information see the Public Records Request regulation.