Email Forwarding

Forwarding all your messages

The Office of Information Technology recommends that you keep all your work- or student-related email in your Google Apps @ NC State account ( instead of forwarding it to a private address. This offers several advantages; e.g., when you share Google Docs, you’ll be using your address and not a private one.

However, if you decide to forward your NC State Gmail, see Automatically forward incoming emails to another account. It is also possible to forward email by using filters in Gmail.

Forwarding messages individually

  • Always verify a message before you forward it.
    • Before forwarding an “urgent” message, first take a few moments to see if it is true.
    • Top 10 sites to debunk Internet hoaxes offers a list of reliable fact-checking sites that debunk numerous hoaxes.
    • Go to one of those sites, enter some key words or phrases from the message, and search to see if it is a hoax.
  • Explain a forwarded message.
    Include a brief introductory note explaining why you are forwarding the message.
  • Clean up a message before you send it.
    • Don’t forward the entire message as is.
    • If a message is worth sharing, it’s worth cleaning up first.
    • Remove previous recipients’ names, email addresses, and >>> symbols.
    • Copy only the part you want to forward and send it in a new email.
  • Maintain privacy with the BCC option.
    Maintain your recipients’ privacy by putting all their addresses in the BCC field instead of the TO or CC field.