Official University Email

Official use

All official email from NC State is sent only to your university email address, which is in this format:
This address is created automatically from:

  • Your Unity ID
  • The NC State internet identifier:


You can set up email forwarding within Gmail so that messages sent to your university email address will be forwarded to the address you choose.


Your university email address is public information, but if you are a student you can remove yours from the NC State campus directory for privacy reasons if you wish. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the MyPack Portal.
  2. Select Student Homepage.
  3. Select Personal Information.
  4. Select Privacy Restrictions.
  5. Select ‘Restrict’ under the directory field you would like to restrict access to, OR select ‘Clear’ if you wish to release the restriction for that field
  6. If you choose a Full Privacy Block, you can grant exceptions for certain publications by clicking the Full Privacy Block field, checking the ‘Restricted’ box, and selecting the Exceptions you would like to grant

See also: Privacy Statement


If you know someone’s Unity ID, then you can send them an email using Otherwise, you can look them up in the Campus Directory or contact them directly and ask for their email address.

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