Personal Forwards Going Away

Personal forwards handled through NC State’s Mail Manager tool are going away

The Office of Information Technology will be phasing out the use of personal forwards for email that are created using OIT’s Mail Manager (USMDB forwarding) tool. Users may still renew and create personal forwards with this tool until June 30, 2014; however, ALL personal forwards will cease to work and will expire on 12/31/14.

If you want to forward your Gmail to a personal account, you need to use Google’s Gmail forwarding tool rather than OIT’s. We recommend that you go ahead and expire your personal forward in the Mail Manager tool and begin forwarding via Google. For information on how to set up a forward from within Gmail, see Google’s procedures for forwarding email.

Please keep in mind that if you are leaving the university, retention of your Gmail/Google account is dependent on your affiliation – student, faculty, staff; please see:

Are all forwards and aliases going away?

No! OIT is not stopping the use of all forwards or aliases, only personal forwards created using our Mail Manager tool. OIT’s Mail Manager (USMDB forwarding) tool will continue to be available for the following types of aliases and forwards:

  • Departmental Alias: –>
  • Departmental Forward: –>
  • Hosted Alias: –>
  • Personal Alias: –>

Questions about any type of forward or alias should be directed to the NC State Help Desk.